Friday, August 3, 2007

Tom's 9:30 Club benefit: Tom and friends

On July 29, 2007, a benefit was held for Tom Terrell at the 9:30 Club on 9th & 'V' NW. The Event was the 30th reunion for the defunct "dc space" which used to be on 7th and 'E' NW from 1977 thru 1992. Tom used to DJ at both clubs, and all proceeds to the reunion went to help Tom in his battle with cancer.

The reunion went from 4 PM till past midnight and featured dozens of varied acts performing 10 minute sets each. Some were veterans of dc space, some were too young to have been. All came out in love and support for Tom. It was an amazing night and I managed to get by between 7 and 10.

In these days when it's usually forbidden to take a camera to a concert, it was a pleasure to be able to shoot a concert with my digital SLR, and to be able to dial up ISO 1600 for available light shooting in low light. ISO 1600 produces a lot of visual noise (the digital equivalent of film grain) but it works!

I'm posting the acts separately since there are so many photos overall. Here are the photos of Tom with his friends, family, and supporters. Jeff D. Purple

Tom on the dance floor with friend

Tom on the dance floor meeting and greeting

Tom and the fellas

Tom and the fellas, too

Tom and Asiba

Tom and Asiba

Dera and Tom

Tom and his sister Bevadine

Tom and his sister Bevadine

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Asiba T. said...

Hey Purp' - you did a beautiful job with the photographs. I wouldn't have expected anything less from you. It was truly a wonderful experience to have been there in that room with all that love going out to The Shutter. Thanks for the lovely tribute, the site looks great.